Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need To Know


Do you know that women used to implant lashes on their eyelids with needles?

Yupe…that happened a long time ago in 1899. Thankfully, we had come a long way since then.

From Kim Kardashian, Anna Nicole Smith, Pamela Anderson and Cindy Crawford, false eyelashes were made popular by these celebrities throughout the year. It accentuates the eyes, makes our eyes look bigger, makes us look and feel wonderful.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about magnetic lashes.

Thankfully we had moved on from glue. This innovation in lash technology had made wearing false lashes so much simpler and easier compared to their glue on counterparts.

Here are what we will be covering in this massive post. Feel free to skip to any sections you like.

The problem with glue on lashes

Have you tried glue on lashes? How is it the first time around?

If you are like me, not very good. The problem with glue on lashes is, it is too difficult, too messy and too time-consuming.

Glue on Lashes Are Difficult To Put On

If you have ever put on false lashes, you know how much skill it requires...

First, put on glue. Then wait for it to dry. Then comes the hardest part…like a skilled surgeon with steady hands, surgically position the lash bands on your lash line.

This is where all the troubles come. This is where most women struggle. Getting the lashes to sit right on the lash line.

Glue on false lash lift

Move one corner of the lash too much and the whole look falls apart. The lashes moved out of place.

And, usually…the more you try to make it look right, the more you felt you made it worse!

What makes it even worse is you are fighting against time. You need to position the lashes on your lash line BEFORE the glue dries out as if it is already not hard enough!

I have lost count of the number of lashes I have sacrificed for practice and training...

Glue on lashes are difficult to touch up

Ever put on stamps on an envelope and then realise, “Oh No! This does not look right.” And then you try to adjust it?

Not easy to adjust right. There is a fear of tearing the stamp if you are too forceful. Fear of destroying the envelope.

This fear is similar to adjusting false lashes during the day. There is always the constant thought of, “What if I pull it too much and I mess up my lashes for the day."

A risk that most women take every time they attempt to adjust their glue on false lashes during the day.

Glue on lashes are messy to remove

No one likes to deal with icky glue at the end of the day. Of all the makeup you have to remove, false lash adhesive is the most difficult to deal with.

Apply glue to false lashes

They are sticky, they are messy and they are tough to remove. You need to use lots of makeup remover to dissolve all the adhesive. You need to do it multiple times to thoroughly remove all of them. 

Sounds like a lot of work. For me, I prefer life to be simpler. I guess that’s also why a lot of women prefer to use mascara instead?

Thankfully, we have magnetic lashes now. No more glue for me. It makes wearing false lashes so much easier, cleaner, quicker and simpler.

Alright, enough about glue-on lashes.

What is magnetic lash?

Magnetic lash is simply false lashes that uses magnets instead of glue. So instead of using glue to stick on false lashes on the lash line, magnetic lashes use magnets instead. 

This is what makes magnetic false lashes easy, clean and quick to put on.

Now, even though they are relatively new, there are two types of magnetic lashes available in the market. They are not created equal and one is more superior than the other.

The first uses a clip-on mechanism. The second uses magnetic eyeliner. 

Type 1: Clip-on magnetic lashes.

These magnetic lashes come in a set, per eyes you have the upper and lower pieces. Both pieces are meant to connect with magnets.

To wear them, you need to position the upper and lower pieces along your lash line. Then sandwich your real lashes between the upper and lower pieces. Both pieces will connect via magnet.

Clip on magnetic lash

Unfortunately, clip-on magnetic lashes sound good in theory but when you try to put them on, it is a hassle. It does not work for women with thinning or short real lashes.

It is difficult to put on. And, similar to glue-on lashes, you need precision hands to position the top and bottom pieces correctly on your real lashes.

Multiple adjustments are needed to get it to look right. Plus since it is anchoring on your real lashes (sandwich between your real lashes) it is really bad for the long term health of your real lashes.  

Type 2: Magnetic eyeliner with lashes.

The second type of magnetic lashes is much simpler. It is what we carry here in QuincyLash. It consists of 2 components.

An eyeliner that is infused with magnetic properties.

Magnetic eyeliner

And a pair of lashes that has micro magnets embedded on it. Usually 5 micro magnets per lash.

5 magnets per magnetic lash

To wear them, you apply the eyeliner on your lash line. Wait for it to dry, then place the lashes close to the eyeliner and feel it snap into place. Just like that, and you are done.

This is so much quicker, easier and simpler. There is no need to awkwardly position the top and bottom pieces in the perfect place like the clip-on lashes above. All you need to do is draw the liquid magnetic eyeliner onto your lash line, then snap the lashes onto it after it dries.

And not only is this easier to apply, but this also makes it so much easier to adjust as well.

Since there are 5 micro magnets per lash, you can simply detach either one of them, move it to the correct position and snap it back into place.

The lashes stay in place and do not move around while adjusting like glue-on lashes. They are held in place by each magnet. 

NOTE: Since the second type of magnetic lashes (magnetic eyeliner with lashes), is far superior to their clip-on counterparts, all our lash kits are the 2nd type. Moving forward, magnetic lashes in this article will refer to the 2nd type, magnetic eyeliner with lashes.

Why Magnetic Lashes Is Safer For Your Real Lashes

Do you know the amount of stress your real lashes face when you pull false lashes off your eyes? Your real lashes are under immense stress.

Imagine giving your eyelashes a mini waxing session every time you decide to remove them. Yupe. This is no different from a waxing session.


Once again, glue is the enemy over here. Over prolonged use, these mini waxing sessions will add up similar to a real waxing session for your real eyelashes.

Not sure about you…but I sure do not want to wax my real lashes...

Sure, you could rub multiple coats of makeup remover on your eyelids to reduce the adhesive hold, but you can never thoroughly remove them. They are like a stubborn stain. A stain we need to deal with every night.

Fortunately, magnetic lashes do not suffer from this issue. Since no glue is used, just magnets. The magnetic eyeliner is not sticky and it is applied on your lash line.

Removing magnetic lashes is cleaner and easier. Most importantly, it is less harsh on your real lashes. 

Mini waxing session…maybe not for my eyelashes! 🙂

How to put on magnetic lashes

To put on magnetic lashes, simply follow the steps below.

Put on magnetic lash
  1. Conduct a skin allergy test.
  2. Put on your eye makeup first.
  3. (Optional) Trim the false lashes to the perfect length.
  4. Apply the magnetic eyeliner to your lash line.
  5. Bring the magnetic lash close to your lash line and attach it to the eyeliner.
  6. Adjust the lashes into the perfect position.
  7. Look at how beautiful your eyes look in the mirror.

Want an extra hold? Just apply more coats of eyeliner to your lash line. Remember to wait for the liner to dry before applying the next coat. 

Need more information? We have dedicated a full post for this: How To Put On Magnetic Lash.

Will magnetic lash stick as well as glue on lashes?

When most women first heard about magnetic lashes, first they are excited. Then they are hopeful. And then they will always ask….wait...does this hold as well as glue?

The short answer is YES. But as will all makeup products, if you do not apply them correctly, the product will not perform as well as it should. 

If you follow the instruction above, then you are safe, your magnetic lash will last you for the whole day.

For the sceptic amongst you who said…"Prove it!”

Here are 3 test we subject all our magnetic lashes to.

Test 1: The Hairdryer Fury (a.k.a Wind Test)

Test 2: Trial of the Flailing Hand (a.k.a. Movement Test)

Test 3: Toothpick Weight Lifting (a.k.a. Curl Strength Test)

Learn more and view results of the test here: Will it stick? We put our magnetic lash to the test.

You will need a tsunami to get our magnetic lashes off your eyes.

How to remove and clean your magnetic lash

So you are done for the day and want to remove your magnetic lashes. Don’t worry. This is easy. So much easier than using glue on lashes because you do not need to deal with glue.

This means it is less painful (no mini waxing session), it is cleaner (no icky glue to deal with), and it is quicker and easier.

First things first let’s see what we need.

Makeup remover and pads
  1. A bottle of makeup remover. Any makeup remover available on the market will do just fine, you don’t need any special formula.
  2. Cotton pads, tissue paper or cloth. Something to clean the makeup away.

Next, here is how we you remove the magnetic lashes.

  1. Remove the magnetic lash. As per the video above, the trick is to remove the lashes from the sides, from one corner to the other and pull downwards towards your mouth. Do not directly yank them off your eyes, away from your face. Not only will this be painful, but it may also damage the lashes making them less reusable.
  2. Remove the eyeliner for your lash line. Soak the cotton pads/tissue paper/cloth with makeup remover and clean the magnetic eyeliner from your eyes.
  3. Clean the magnetic lashes too. Soak the cotton pads/tissue paper/cloth with makeup remover and remove any residual magnetic eyeliner stuck on the magnets of the lashes. 
  4. Store the magnetic lashes into the provided carry case.

Prefer to watch a video on how to remove and clean your magnetic lashes? You can learn more from this post: How To Remove And Clean Your Magnetic Lashes.

How to store your magnetic lash

All our magnetic lashes come with a sturdy plastic carry case, not flimsy cardboard boxes like most lashes available in the market. This is because our magnetic lashes are built to be highly reusable. They are built to last.

Plus each carrying case also contains a keeper magnet.

What is a keeper magnet?

This is the magnetic strip in the lash case. Always store the magnetic lashes back into the case when it is not in use.

The keeper magnet is designed to preserve magnetism on your magnetic lashes. The best way to prevent loss of magnetism is to use a keeper magnet. A keeper prevents your magnetic lash from demagnetising by redirecting the magnetic field, it preserves the strength of the magnet by completing the magnetic circuit.  

For the nerdy ones amongst us, here is a Wikipedia article on what a Keeper Magnet does. Or you may find this more interesting: The Case Keeper Magnet Extends The Life Of Your Magnetic Lashes

Okay, enough science for now.

Just know what when your magnetic lash is not in use, keep them in the provided carry case. This will increase the life of your magnetic lashes.

Why is magnetic lash so reusable?

Here is an unknown fact. Magnetic lashes are more reusable than normal glue on lashes.

So not only are magnetic lashes simpler, quicker and easier to use that glue on lashes, they are also more cost-effective in the long run.

But what makes magnetic lashes more reusable than glue on lashes?

Once again, because of Glue. Specifically, what glue does to false lashes when women remove them from their eyes at the end of the day.

When women pull off false lashes held strong by glue from their eyes, the false lashes are subjected to an immense amount of stress.

During these removals, the hair on the lashes may drop off. With subsequent use, the false lashes will start to look bare.

Also during these removals, the lash bands are overstretched as they are pulled off the eyes, with repeated cycle of removal, the lash bands will deteriorate, causing the lashes to lose its shape. 

Worn out false lashes

The point is, false lash become unusable very quickly due to the harsh holds of glue. 

These “Stress” is mitigated with magnetic lashes.

Since not a single drop of glue is used. The lashes are not subjected to similar amounts of stress during removal. These make magnetic lashes last longer and more reusable. 

In QuincyLash, depending on your level of care, all our lashes can be used up to 25 times.

How to extend the life of your magnetic lashes?

Want to make your pair of magnetic lashes last super long? All QuincyLash lashes can be used up to 25 times.

And as with anything, your level of care or maintenance directly relates to how long a product can last.

Well, here are a few tips to make them last!

  1. Always clean the false lashes after use. Remove residual magnetic eyeliner on the lashes.
  2. Gently remove the lashes from the holder. Do not directly pull them off the keeper magnet in the case.
  3. Gently remove the lashes from your eyes from the sides. Do not yank them off your eyes directly. This will also be quite painful for you.
  4. Do not mascara your false lashes.
  5. Store your lashes in the provide handy carry case. This will prevent your lashes from demagnetising due to the keeper magnet.
  6. Avoid storing your lashes in high temperature and voltage environment. Magnets can become demagnetised by high temperatures and high voltage electricity.  

Want more details on how to make your magnetic lash last super long? You may find this article useful: 5 simple ways to extend the life of your magnetic lashes.

Magnetic Lash vs Other eye makeup

Options…women today have so many options for beautiful-looking eyelashes. We have the trusty glue on false lashes, we have the simple mascara and we have the expensive lash extensions. 

Which one is best for you?

Well, we have done the hard work for you. Naturally, since we are selling magnetic lashes, we are also slightly biased towards magnetic lashes. Nevertheless, we still think you will find the information useful.

We pit magnetic lashes against glue-on lashes, mascara and lash extensions. Here is what we found.

Magnetic Lash Vs Glue On Lashes

Magnetic Lash

  • Puts on itself.
  • Short learning curve. Does not require lengthy practice and skill. 
  • No glue.
  • More natural looking. Uses eyeliner as an attachment.
  • Holds up all day long. Five magnetic bonds on each lash.
  • Reusable for up to 25 times. 

Glue-on Lashes

  • Needs to be done with accuracy.
  • Longer learning curve. Need multiple trial and errors.
  • Icky glue. Clumps and mess on your face and fingers.
  • Less natural looking. Uses eyeliner as concealment.
  • Less hygienic. Glue tends to sick dust, bacteria and sweat. 

We had done a more robust comparion here: Magnetic Lash Vs Glue Lash. Who wins?

Magnetic Lash Vs Mascara

Magnetic Lash

  • As quick as putting on mascara.
  • As easy as putting on mascara.
  • Provides the flexibility of different styles and looks. Subtle, dramatic or daring your choice.
  • No or short real lashes no problem.
  • Attaches to your lash line, not your real lashes, less harsh and healthier on your real lashes.


  • Enhances what what you already have, if you have no lashes, more mascara will not make you look more beautiful.
  • Does not provide the flexibility of different styles and look.
  • Only works if you have natural lashes that is not thin, stubby and bare.
  • Long term use of mascara is known to be bad for your real lashes.

Want more details on Magnetic Lash vs Mascara? Read this: Magnetic Lash Vs Mascara

Magnetic Lash Vs Lash Extensions

Magnetic Lash

  • They are quick to put on. You do not need to sit through a 3-hour session like lash extensions every month.
  • They are cheaper than lash extensions.
  • They are easy to clean and remove at the end of the day. No need to worry about damaging your extensions.
  • You can choose from a variety of styles and lengths. It is more flexible in trying different looks compared to extensions.
  • There is minimal damage to your natural lashes compared to lash extensions.

Lash Extensions

  • Is expensive as it requires professional application.
  • You need to be very careful to not rub your eyes, as the lashes can fall out.
  • You can get an eye infection due to poor application or sanitary conditions especially if you do it for cheap.
  • Refills are needed every 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Appointments are time-consuming. 2 - 3 hours are needed for a single sitting. Unlike getting your hair done, where you can still check your phone, you cannot do anything during lash extensions.

We had done a more robust comparion between magnetic lash vs lash extensions over here: Magnetic Lash Vs Extensions. Who wins?

Your Turn

Congratulation. You now know everything you need to know about magnetic lashes.

At QuincyLash, we have a magnetic lash kit for your every day. Dramatic, subtle, quirky or interesting, which one do you prefer?

If you would like to try one, please visit our Online Lash Shop. We are sure you will find one that you like. 🙂

Thank you for reading.

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