Magnetic Lash Vs Mascara


If you are like me, born with less-than-impressive lashes, mascara may have been your best buddy since your makeup journey started.

Mascara is easy, quick and produce results every single time. Just like magic.

But the same results every time is what that got me exploring falsies. Then later magnetic lashes - our new diva in the block. 

Magnetic lashes are easier counterparts of traditional glue-on lash. So easy, I started using falsies again after abandoning it for a decade or so.

Between Mascara and Magnetic Lash, the " million-dollar" question is - which is better?

Magic wand or Magneto?

In a short comparison, we pitch them against each other to weigh out the good and bad.


The magic wand of makeup works in a matter of seconds. Who doesn't love the consistent results and fast application?

Bristles on the end of the wand attach short fibers directly on your lash, lengthening them. Most mascara contains wax that sticks the fibers to your lash. When the wax dries, it further thickens your lash.

TADAA.. We get long and lush lashes.


  • Faster, if you don't intend to use the eyeliner.
  • Easy peasy! Even my boyfriend can do it.
  • No need for adjustments like how falsies droop if you place them at a wrong angle.
  • Can be used everyday for the next 3 months.


  • Smudging aka "Panda eyes" when the wax loosen in tropical climate.
  • Clumping is common, creating unsightly, spidery lashes.
  • Mascara fibers may fall into your eyes, causing irritation and disrupting tear film on the surface of your eye. 
  • Removing involves rubbing your natural lashes, which will damage them.
  • Consistent application of mascara can dry out your lashes, making them brittle.
  • Same style, everyday. 

Magnetic Lashes

Our new diva in the beauty industry. What used to be a difficult task of putting on false lashes with glue is now easy.

Magnetic lashes use magnets instead of glue.

Honestly, glue is the reason why false lashes are tacky and difficult. 

With magnetic lash, you simply draw the magnetic eyeliner onto your lash line and snap the magnetic lashes in place. Easy, quick and hassle-free.

You can even adjust it or swap lashes during the day if you like.


  • Magnetic lash doesn't touch your real lashes, saving them from harm. 
  • No "panda eyes".
  • More hygienic. Fibres carrying wax will not shed into your precious peepers.
  • Easy to clean and remove. No waterproof mascara's scrubbing.
  • Choose from a variety of styles and lengths. More flexible in trying different looks.


  • Falsie (and eyeliner) skills required. My boyfriend will need some guidance.
  • You may need to trim the lash length. But we have 5 magnets, you can lose one and still wear the lash comfortably.
  • More expensive per use. Lash life depends on your level of care

Erm, so which is it? 

Mascara is great for short trips out of the house and when you are running late. But like all quick fixes, beware of the consequences! Not removing them properly from your natural lash can harm them.

Magnetic lashes are great for flexibility of getting different eyelooks. Bonus: it does not rest on your lash, but your eyelids. 

If you ask me, I use both.

No mascara can beat the impact of a falsie. And no falsie as quick as mascara I'd say!

And if you don't have a pair of magnetic lash yet, come check out our store.

Want to learn more about magnetic lash? Read everything you need to know about magnetic lash.

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