Will it stick? We put our magnetic lash to the test


"But will it hold?"

Of all the questions raised about Magnetic Lashes, this has to be the number one concern. Who wants her falsies to be flying off into the soup of the hot date opposite? And who likes to be running off to the washroom to check if she lost her falsies?

What could be a better way to quell these fears than putting our lashes to the test?

Therefore, we have come up with our own set of experiments, to possibly answer the question of whether our magnetic lash sticks.

Quincy's Lash Test

And so, it's time to put our Magnetic Lash to the test! Or 3 tests, to be specific... 

  1. Hairdryer's Fury (a.k.a. Wind Test)
  2. Trial of the Flailing Hand (a.k.a. Movement Test)
  3. Toothpick Weight Lifting (a.k.a. Curl Strength Test)

Will our magnetic lash prevail or will it fail? Keep reading on to find out...

1. Hairdryer's Fury

Here we have Esme Magnetic on our tester using the magnetic eyeliner as per usual.

Then, we subjected Esme to 30 seconds of fury of a household hairdryer. Upwards, downwards, sideways...

It is reported that your eyes will feel woefully dry after, so don't try this at home!

Results: Pass

While the hairdryer did not whip up a tsunami, the staying power of Esme is good enough for a full day makeup.

Good job, Esme!

2. Trial of the Flailing Hand

With Esme Magnetic attached to my hand using the magnetic eyeliner, I proceed to fling my hand frantically. 

And so, we observe if I was able to fling off the lash.

Results: Pass

If I can't fling Esme off my hand, you can safely use up the humanely possible quota of 20 blinks/min all day without dropping the lash.

More blinks, if you chance upon that hot neighbour at the grocery store or lift landing.

3. Toothpick Weight Lifting

This test reveals the lasting power of lash curl, which that allows the lash to be reused again and again.

At the same time, we will also observe if the lash slips from the eye when loading up weight.

Esme Magnetic is worn by our tester and we proceed to load on toothpicks until the lash gives way... Or when there is no more space.

Results: Pass

We placed about 5 toothpicks before we honestly couldn't balance more (about 6 times we tried). And Esme had stayed on throughout. 

The lash regained the curl. Hence the strength of the curl is likely to see you through several re-use without becoming flat.

Final thoughts

Hear! Hear! Looks like Magnetic lashes do hold well enough for a full day of pretty-ness.

Now, girls, go ahead and shake up your magnetic eyeliner, wear your falsies and rock that look!

Have no magnetic lash? No problem!

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