The Case Keeper Magnet Extends The Life Of Your Magnetic Lashes


Do you know that our magnetic lash case has a trick up its sleeve?

It has a special function. One that helps extend the life of the magnetic lash. This makes your lashes last longer and more reusable.

Look at it again...can you see it yet?


Okay, maybe this will help.

See this...

There is a magnetic strip in the case, and it is where the 5 magnets on each lash will attach to when it is stored inside the case.

Now, this unassuming strip of magnets has a very important function.

Yes, besides keeping the lashes in place as it is stored in the case, it will also extend the magnetic strength of your lashes.


Through the use of a keeper magnet.

What is a keeper magnet?

This is the magnetic strip in the lash case and it is designed to preserve magnetism on your magnetic lash.

The best way to prevent loss of magnetism is to use a magnetic keeper. The keeper magnet works by redirecting fray magnetic fields into a close magnetic loop preventing loss of magnetism.

Basically, magnets have both north and south poles and each pole has an invisible magnetic field around them. 

If they are left on their own, not attracted to each other, these magnetic fields are dissipated into the surrounding. 

Like the diagram below.

Prolong exposure will lead to further dissipation of magnetic fields leading to loss of magnetic strength.

A keeper magnet prevents this dissipation by closing the magnetic loop.

Similar to how you turn off a tap to prevent water from flowing out. The keeper magnets shut off the magnetic field from going out. Instead, it redirected and thus contain the magnetic fields into a close magnetic loop.

Like this.

This contains the magnetic field, preventing it from dissipating and demagnetising.

Whew...okay enough science for now!

For the nerdy ones amongst here is a Wikipedia article on what a magnet keeper does.

So What Does This Mean For you?

This means if your magnetic lash is not in use, do not lay them around on the dressing table, store them into the provided case instead. This will extend the life of your magnetic lash, keeping the magnetism strong.

Isn't it interesting that such an unassuming piece of magnetic strip have such an important function!?

In QuincyLash, we made a basic decision. We decide to create the best magnetic lash in the market specifically tailored for Asian eyes. This is one example of the painstaking decision we made to do just that.

When you use our magnetic lash, you will be glad we made that decision.

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Want to learn everything you need to know about magnetic lash? We got you covered too: Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need To Know

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