5 simple ways to extend the life of your magnetic lashes


Compared to magnetic lash, we can get pretty good glue-ons for a fraction of the price.

So, why do people still buy magnetic lashes?

Ease of putting and taking them off? 

Yes...but not just.

Magnetic lashes can be more cost effective than a pair of glue-on, giving you good bang for the buck. 

Unlike glue-ons where 2-3 uses will render your lash shapeless, magnetic lash can last a long time. Plus there isn't any nasty glue to remove too which can be quite impossible to remove sometimes. 

However, magnetic lash can last ONLY IF you give them proper TLC. With proper TLC, the magnets will stay strong for several uses. 

Follow these 5 tips and make your magnetic lash last longer!

Tip 1 - Always clean after use

Cleaning your magnetic lash is a breeze.

There's no glue sticking to all kinds of dust and dirt.

Micro-magnets are small smooth surfaces you can easily clean.

Just swipe with a cotton bud soaked in makeup remover to remove residue of the magnetic eyeliner.

Residues of eyeliner on the magnets can make them weaker when you next wear it. Not to mention a bit icky to be wearing old eyeliner...

So after use, take a cotton bud and swipe away! 

Tip 2 - Gently remove lash from holder

I know... The temptation is HUGE to simply pull off the lashes and put them on already!  

But pulling will not just damage the shape of the lash, but exert stress on the micro-magnets (as they naturally will work against your pulling). 

Okay, so what's a good way to take the lash off its holder? 

We use our thumb to gently push your magnetic lash off the strip holding it. That way, the lash will slide off the holder instead of getting tugged left and right. Keeping your lash shape and all lashes intact!

Tip 3 - Don't mascara your falsies!

This is true for all falsies. While mascara on your real lashes is okay, it shortens falsies' lifespan!

Heavy mascara may make the falsies clumpy. Killing that well-defined lash look.

Waterproof mascara is hard to remove and rubbing to remove quickly damages the falsies. I have lost many falsie lashes through that...

But I am sure no one wants to wear yesterday's mascara... Since it will surely start to flake off and give panda eyes.

So instead of mascara, opt for a longer lash, like Esme or Mira Magnetic to complete your look. 

Tip 4 - Store your lash in the kit


Not just so you will not lose them.

But the best way to prevent loss of magnetism is to use a keeper. A keeper magnet prevent it from demagnetising by redirecting the magnetic field. 

Your keeper is the magnetic strip in your lash kit! Always store the lash back into the kit and this will preserve your lash's magnetism, after use.

So make it a habit, that if your magnetic lash are not on your eyes, they are safely stowed in the kit!

Tip 5 - Prevent demagnetisation 

Magnets can become demagnetised by high temperatures and high voltage electricity.  

High temperatures can change the metal of the magnet permanently, thus destroying magnetism. High voltage can alter the magnet's strength. Take care to not leave magnetic lash near other strong magnets and charging points where things can get heated up.

All in all, a cool, dry place with no electronics nearby will be great!

Done any yet?

These 5 tips are simple and easy to follow. But they bring so much to our lashes.

Sure, a magnetic lash kit may look like an investment at first. However, having spent much of my life bending over glue-on lashes picking out glue bits carefully, trying not to destroy the lash... Which usually end up with me buying another anyway...I would choose to clean a Magnetic lash anytime.

Armed with these handy tips on how to take care of your new-found beauty tool, I'm sure you'll get your money's worth!

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