​​​​​​​​How To Put On Magnetic Lash


Are you a magnetic lash convert?

If you have never put on magnetic lashes before, then this post is for you. 

In this post, we will cover the essential steps for you to put on a pair of magnetic lashes. By the end of this post, you should be able to put on magnetic lashes like a seasoned magnetic lash convert.

First, Conduct a skin Allergy test

Why do you need to conduct a skin allergy test?

To be extra safe. That's why.

Even though magnetic lashes are not as harsh as glue. And even though we have hundreds of customers and not a single complain when it comes to skin allergy. It is still good practice to conduct an allergy test to keep our precious eyes safe.

To conduct a skin allergy skin test, follow the procedure below.

  1. Open the magnetic eyeliner bottle.
  2. Draw a line on the back of either your left or right hand.
  3. Wait for 30 mins. Did you observe any redness or soreness? 
  4. Wait for 8 hours. Did you observe any redness or soreness?

If there is no reaction, you pass the allergy test. 

Now let's learn how to put on those beautiful lashes, shall we...

#1 put on your eye makeup first

Similar to normal glue on false lashes. You apply your eye makeup before applying the magnetic lashes. 

You can use your usual, non-magnetic eyeliner if you want. Mix up the colours. Add some glitters. Make it sparkle. Let your creativity shine

When you are done, just make sure the magnetic eyeliner is the finishing coat on your lash line. This ensures magnetic bonds between lashes and liner reminds strong.

draw eyeliner

#2 Understand Where The Magnetic Lash Will Sit On Your Lash Line

From the picture below, you will notice the area highlighted in blue is covered by skin. If you wear the magnetic lashes within the blue area, it is going to be uncomfortable for you.

QL Blog Post How to Trim 01

The correct location where the lashes should sit is from the yellow arrow onwards to the outer eyes. 

Most eye shapes are different. Your eyes may not look the same as per the picture above. The key point is to identify, if any, where the skin folds in on your lash line. This should be the starting point where the magnetic lash sit.

#3 Trim the false lashes to the perfect length (optional)

Using a tweezer, gently detach the lashes from the case. Place it above your eye to gauge, then trim to size. 

When trimming, take note to not trim off the magnets. Each of our lashes has 10 magnets (compared to 5 in most) so it will match your eye's curvature and prevent lash lifts.

That said, if it's way too long, you can sacrifice one magnet. Double-check before you start trimming! 

To trim, do so by trimming on one side all the way to the start of the next magnet (or 1 mm from it). It is necessary to have magnets right on both ends to prevent lash lifts.

Here is more details on how to trim your lashes: What If My Magnetic Lash Band Is Too Long?

Next, bend the lash band around your finger to soften the lash band.

#4 Apply the Magnetic Eyeliner

Gently shake the bottle before use. Unscrew the cap and then apply the magnetic eyeliner as close to your lash line as possible. 

This is where your lash band will latch onto, beautifully camouflaging your lash band!

Then allow the eyeliner to dry for at least 90 seconds.

Note: The eyeliner will feel tacky when it is dried. This is normal. "Tacky" may feel like it is not fully dried, but it is.

OPTIONAL: For extra hold and if you are super kiasu like me. Then you could add another layer of magnetic eyeliner after the first one has dried.

#5 Bring lashes close and Attach to lash line

Here is where the magic happens.

If this is your first time, you will experience how the lashes simply put on itself for you. A beautiful experience. One that could only be felt and not explained. 

Now, take the lashes and position it close to your eyeliner. The whole lashes will snap onto the eyeliner. This can be a bit surprising for some.

You may want to position the lashes onto the lash line one magnet at the time. But the trick is to latch all 10 magnets onto the lashes at one go, then individually position/ adjust it into place.

#6 Adjust the lashes into the perfect position

Position the magnet one by one, from inner edges to outer. Or the other way round, if you prefer.

When adjusting your lash, try sliding instead of pulling off (like how we remove glued lashes). Pulling removes the eyeliner and causes that spot to lose magnetism. But you could always touch up weaker spots later.

It is much more easier than glue. Simply dab the magnetic eyeliner onto any areas you want the magnets to be stronger. And it last all day long.

Want to make it look even better, try this.

Tried the steps above and the lashes are still not sticking? Visit this link: Why Does My Magnetic Lash Drop Off? Or contact us on WhatsApp: Here 

Your turn

And you are done! Now is your turn to try it out.

Although magnetic lashes can be a little tricky at the start, once you get the hang of it, you will be a seasoned magnetic lash convert in no time. 

Magnetic lash is more gentle on the skin. It does not irritate your eyes like glue. And it also makes taking them off easier. You do not need to yank them off your eyes. There are no glue clumps.

Want to learn more about magnetic lash? Here is: Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need To Know.

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