​​​​​​​​How To Remove And Clean Your Magnetic Lashes


Should I just pull them off my eyes?

Wait…before you do so please read this.

Magnetic lashes last longer than glue-on lashes. Part of the reason being that lash glue is harsh and difficult to remove. Removing them adds a lot of stress and wear to the lashes. In no time, the removal of glue-on lashes causes the lashes to lose its shape, its curl, and even its lashes.

Magnets are not so harsh. But that does not mean yanking them off your eyes will not spoil them!


So how should you remove them? 

Let's do this step by step. There are 2 items to remove here: 

1) Magnetic lash and 

2) The eyeliner

Removing the magnetic lash

The trick is to remove them from the sides, from one corner to the other, and pull downwards towards your mouth.

See this video below for a demonstration.

Now for the nerdy ones amongst who wants to know why it holds strong but yet easily give way when pulled from the sides...Science class is in session...

One reason is that pressure is distributed evenly amongst the 5 micro magnets. 

However, if you slide them off from one corner, you attack each magnetic bonds individually. So the magnets detach easily. Very much like how you can easily zip open your bag from the edges, but can't easily pull it apart diagonally. 

This same mechanism also makes it easy for you to adjust or touch up the eyeliner. You can take out and put the lash on real quick throughout the day.

Remove one magnetic bond. Adjust them to the proper place. And then snap it into place. It is that easy.

So...please do not directly yank them off your eyes. Not only will it be quite painful if you do so, it may also reduce the longevity of your magnetic lashes too.

Okay, enough Science for now...let's learn how to remove the eyeliner.

Removing the eyeliner

Congrats the hard part is over. Now for the easy part. 

Removing magnetic eyeliner is no different from removing any normal eyeliner. The same makeup remover works.

You could soak a cotton bud with makeup remover, then swiping the bud against the eyeliner. It's very gentle on your skin and will not get makeup remover into your eyes.

Try to dab or roll on the eyeliner.

This is also useful when removing smudges or correcting the line.

And you are done. Or don-ish...

Cleaning The Magnetic Lashes

Is it necessary to clean them?

Unequivocally yes! Not just for hygiene, but also to maximise their lifespan. Cleaning off remnants of eyeliner ensure the magnetic bonds remain strong for later use.

Remnants of old eyeliner add a barrier between the lash magnet and your eyeliner the next time you use it. These dust and debris cause the magnetic bonds to weaken if they are not removed.

Plus during the day, it may also accumulate dust and debris (although not as much as glue-ons). 

It's easy to clean! Here is a short video on how it is done:

Notice something?

It's a whole lot easier and less messy to clean compared to glue-on lashes!

No sticky glue that clings on to the lash band so tightly you may destroy the lash if you pull them. No sticky lumps of suspicious dust and debris on your fingers with bits of your real lashes on them.

All we need to do is to swipe. With your trusty cotton bud soaked with makeup remover. 

Dab the cotton bud into makeup remover and grip the magnetic lash with your other hand. Gently brush, swipe, dab, or roll the cotton bud on the micro magnets. 

You don't need to go too crazy here either. Like how we just remove eyeliner from our face, a gentle swipe takes out the eyeliner from our precious micro magnets.

When you are done, click them darlings back into your lash case... Voila, ready for the next use.

How often do I need to clean?

We recommend cleaning at least once every 2 uses.  

Yes, it looks pretty clean still. But there are some dust and eyeliner everytime we use. If you wear mascara (on your actual lash), it may end up on your falsies too. 

Anyway, you can swipe it using the other end of the cotton bud right after you are done removing your eyeliner. Which makes it pretty convenient we think!

Your Turn

Cleaning and removing your magnetic lash is fuss-free and convenient. It is not hard to keep your magnetic lash clean. 

To be honest, many of my branded glue-ons did not even last 3 uses. But magnetic lash lasts so much longer. I could usually stretch it to around 25 uses with a clean every 2 uses.

What about you?

Want to learn more about magentic lash? Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need To Know

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