Enhance Your Magnetic Lash With These 3 Tips Now


Foundation, eyebrow, eye shadow, magnetic eyeliner...Then finally, magnetic lash.

"Is that all?"

Same routine, same look, everyday.

For most this is good enough. But for those more hardworking women who asked…

”What else can I do to make it better?"

Then this post is for you.

In fact, here are 3 things you can do after putting on your magnetic lash to make them look awesome.

Get your eye makeup to look perfect.

✨ Tip 1 - Curl your real and false lashes!

Yes, use that lash curler to gently curl them both! Eliminate that 2-layer lash look that is so OCD-triggering.

This step makes your false lashes look more natural as it blends your false and real lashes together; like best friends!

And just like best friends. They support each other. Your real lash provides support and the false lashes provides the added curls. 

When you curl your real lashes together with your false lash, the false lash will "sit on" the real lash. Your real lashes provides support to the false lashes. The false lashes, in turn, extends the curls of your real lash. 

See how they are practically made for each other. Like besties.  

But they are not besties from the start. You need to gently coax them with curling to be friends.

When they are, your false lashes will look fuller with the support of your natural lash. Just like magic!

✨ Tip 2 - Adjust Each Magnets Into the perfect place

Unlike glue-ons, you can always adjust your falsies magnet by magnet to the perfect position. 

All 5 micro-magnets on your magnetic lash could be adjusted to fit that unique contour of your eyes.

Especially for beginners, this can allow us to see through common errors like fixing our lash wayyy~ downwards (see picture). 

To get an even better lash fit: 

Bend the lash band around your finger to create a natural arch before applying. 

Also, trim them to fit your eye length. Be sure to keep your ends near the magnets.

✨ Tip #3 - Mascara your lower lash

Feeling that your eyes are a little too "top heavy"? Whip out your mascara!

Apply mascara to your lower lash to lengthen and create volume on the lower lash. That'll balance out and complete your look.

Alternatively, there are glue-on lower lashes. But why put yourself through the trouble with glue again? Mascara do well for lower lash.

So there you have it...

3 awesome tips that will make you look more awesome with that lash of yours. As with all kinds of skills, practice makes perfect. 

With a magnetic lash, you and I could spend less time putting up our falsies and more time exploring how to get that eye look of the season.

Feeling excited to try them out already?

I hope you are, they worked splendid for me!

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