Why Does My Magnetic Lash Drop Off?

Lash not sticking or holding up for long? There could be many reasons why...

While everyone seems to be getting on fine, you had to go check yours every 3 hours to see if it is still attached!

Worry not my dear, with the wisdom of the lash crowd we will promptly diagnose your lash issues to keep your pretty lash up all day long.

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Below, you will find a long list of reasons why your lashes are not sticking. Most will not be relevant to you. So take our self-diagnosis lash quiz instead and we will point you to the right solution. 

Reasons Why Magnetic Lash Not Holding Up

1. Micro magnets issue

1.1 Micro magnets on lashes drop off or loose.

Causes: All lashes are manually hand checked before shipping. Nevertheless, shipping may put undue stress on our lashes. Magnets may drop off or become loose affecting it’s magnetism.

A good gauge of your lash magnetism is that it hold on well in the keeper (magnet in case) like this.

Solution: QuincyLash offers a 14-day replacement service to protect you against product damage during shipping.

Please reach out to us at hello@quincylash.com, tell us the issue you are facing and your order number too. We will make it right.

1.2 Residual eyeliner on micro magnets from previous use.

Causes: Residual eyeliner on the micro magnet from previous use creates additional barriers and weakens the magnetism.

Solution: Always remember to clean your lashes after every use. Cleaning is easy.

Take a cotton bud soaked with some micellar water, and roll it against the magnets to dislodge the residual eyeliner from previous use. How you clean the eyeliner on the magnets is the same as how you would clean the eyeliner on your lash line.

For more details, please refer to this article: https://quincylash.com/remove-and-clean-magnetic-lashes/

2. Eyeliner issues

2.1 Eyeliner not dry before putting on lashes.

Causes: Magnetic lashes are put on before the eyeliner is fully dried. The eyeliner needs time to fully attach to your lash line.

Snapping on the magnetic lashes before the eyeliner is fully dried reduces the hold strength between the eyeliner and lash line.

Solution: After drawing your eyeliner, wait for at least 90 seconds for the eyeliner to dry. Note: The eyeliner will feel tacky when it is dried. This is normal. “Tacky" may feel like it is not fully dried, but it is.

2.2 Magnetic powder in eyeliner not evenly mixed before application.

Causes: Our eyeliner is infused with magnetic powder. If you did not shake the eyeliner before application, the powder will settle to the bottom of the bottle and will not be picked up by the eyeliner brush. Without these magnetic powders, the lashes magnetism is weakened.  

Solution: Give your magnetic lashes their full magnetic power. Always give the eyeliner bottle a good shake before application. This ensures the magnetic powder is evenly mixed in the eyeliner.

2.3 Oily skin causes eyeliner to displace from the skin after a few hours.

Causes: The magnetic eyeliner is not oilproof. If you have oily skin, the oil will gradually displace the eyeliner from your lash line. With lesser eyeliner, the magnetism is weakened.

Solution: If you have oily skin and the eyeliner can't seem to stay on, do use an eye primer.

They help all kinds of eye makeup stay on your eyes and enhance the colour of your eyeshadow too!

2.4 Eyeliner line not drawn thick enough or broken. 

Causes: The lash bands and micro magnets on our magnetic lashes are about 1.5mm to 2mm thick. If the eyeliner is drawn too thin (or broken) it will affect the magnetism between the eyeliner and eyelashes.

Solution: Ensure that your eyeliner is at least 2mm thick, and have a solid continuous line to sit on for the rest of the day! You can also opt to put on another coat of eyeliner after the first coat is dry. 

Eyeliner Too Short

Eyeliner Too Thin

Eyeliner Uneven / Broken

3. Lash Length issues

3.1 Lash length too long.

Causes: Like wearing a shoe that is too big, it may easily drop off when it is not properly sized. If you feel that the ends of the lashes are poking your eyes, or if it is “flapping”, the lash length may be too long for you.

Solution: You need to trim your lashes to fit your eyes. This process is super quick and easy. You may refer to this article for more information: https://quincylash.com/magnetic-lash-band-too-long/

3.2 Lash touching spectacle. 

Causes: While wearing the lashes and spectacle, the lashes touches the lens of your spectacles. This introduces undue stress on the magnetic lashes and will weaken their magnetism. With subsequent eye blinking, the false lashes will dislodge from the eyeliner.  

Solution: Wear contact lenses or choose an eyelash design with short length or curls like Cora.

We do not recommend trimming the hairs of the lashes due to varying hair lengths along the curvature of the lashes. 

4. If all else fails

Please reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, FB Messenger or IG DM to tell us your issue. Happy to help!

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