Warm & Natural Coffee Date Look With Cora Magnetic Lash


- Special thanks to @gladsss__ for this lovely eye makeup look.

It weekend morning. Sipping a warm cup of coffee. The sun shining through the window. Across you, a good friend or family.

This relaxing morning calls for a makeup look that's just as easy.

Whether you're planning your next coffee date or attending any casual occasion, this warm and natural coffee date look is perfect for you. Feel confident throughout the day.

Recreate this eye makeup look with Cora Magnetic Lash in 5 simple steps. 

Step 1

Prep your eyelids by applying an eyeshadow primer to ensure the eye makeup stays in place throughout the day.

Step 2

On the upper eyelid, use a light shimmery brown eyeshadow as the base color, blending it all over the eyelid using a fluffy blending brush.

Step 3

On the upper eye crease area, apply a darker brown shade to add depth and dimension to the eye.

Next, apply a touch of sparkle to the center of the upper eyelid, inner corner, and lower eye, using a glittery eyeshadow.

Step 4

Draw a small wing from the middle of your upper lashline towards the outer corner of the eye using an angle brush.

Step 5

Apply the QuincyLash magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line. While waiting for the liner to dry, brush a coat of mascara on your lower lashes. 

Lastly, snap on Cora Magnetic Lash and you're all set for a coffee date!

And you are done!

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