These 4 “Sunny” Roxy Magnetic Lash Styles Will Brighten Your Eyes


- Special thanks to @makeupbytinisun for this lovely eye makeup look.

With "sunflower" curls that lift up the eyes, Roxy magnetic is the go-to lash for the sunny girl. 

Here are 4 eye makeup styles with Roxy Magnetic Lash you should try. Recreate the unique looking Floral Wing and let your eyes shine bright like a flower!

Doll Eyes

First, apply light coloured eyeshadow along the upper and lower eye. Next, from the outer corner of the eye, draw a wing tip and extend it all along your upper lash line. You can redefine this line to your desired thickness. Finally, draw 3 small triangle shapes at the lower bottom corner of the eyes to mimic or emphasise your real lashes.

Graphic Arrow Liner

Line your upper lash towards the outer corner of your eyes. Next, draw a wing flick towards the tail of your eyebrows. Finally, from the tip of the wing, draw a line to the centre of your crease.

Intertwined Wings 

Draw the first wing like you normally would with black eyeliner. Next, draw another wing with a coloured eyeliner above the first wing. Then, extend the coloured wing across your crease to the inner corner of your eyes overlapping it with the black eyeliner below. 

Floral Wing

The same process as Intertwined Wings (above) but this time fill the coloured wings and do not overlap the coloured and black eyeliner at the inner eye. Next, extend the black eyeliner to your tear duct, creating a V shape. At the outer eye, draw your favourite flower at the tip of the wing. And finally, at the lower eye, draw tiny lashes at the bottom of your lash line. 

And you are done!

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