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Bonus: 25% Off total price with this Starter Pack.

Fastest Lash, Only 3 mins or less.

Reusable, up to 30 times.

Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack

Each starter pack contains:

  • One pair of Esme Magnetic Lash
  • One pair of Cora Magnetic Lash
  • One Pretty Pink Lash Curler
  • One Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag

Free Priority Shipping: 3 - 4 days in Singapore. PayNow accepted.

How it works?


Apply the magic magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. 


Wait 60 seconds to dry.


Bring magnetic lash close to your lash line and watch it snap into place.


And you are DONE!

Bonus: 25% Off total price with this Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack

Each Magnetic Lash Kit Starter Pack Contains

Two Pairs Of Magnetic Lashes

Like two close sisters, Esme and Cora work well together.

Esme is our dramatic magnetic lash. Good for those special occasions where you need to look extra gorgeous.

Cora is our subtle magnetic lash. Good for everyday wear, it enhances your real lash to make you look extra pretty during the day.

Together they are perfect. They got you covered for all your eyelash makeup needs. Never worry about your eyelash makeup again.

Each lashes are perfectly sized to provide the maximum amount of volume and fullness to your liking. To give you the most natural-looking lashes you deserve.

Powered by 5 mini magnets on each lash, you can now wear beautiful looking lashes easy and quick.

Magnetic lash literally "puts on itself" for you. Done in 3 mins or less. And depending on your level of care, each lash can be used up to 30 times.

Two Bottles Of Magic Magnetic Eyeliner

Contained in a gorgeous looking rose gold bottle. Slim and sleek, it fits in anywhere in your makeup bag.

Unscrew the bottle. Then delicately apply the magnetic eyeliner with the fine tip bristle brush for flawless and precise lining.  

The lashes only attach to the black eyeliner, making joint lines invisible. This gives you the natural look of bigger, fuller and voluminous eyelashes.

Easily removable with soap or any makeup remover.

Two Eyelash Carry Case

A pretty, portable and transparent carry case for each lash. Rectangular in shape so it feels nice on the hands and fits neatly in your bag.

It also carries the eyeliner, so we need not dig around our pouch for it.

Two Specialised Eyelash Applicator

A pair of matching applicator in stylish black or pink. The applicator are custom shaped to the contour of your eyes. It makes lifting and adjustment of eyelashes easy for you.

The magnetic lash is already easy to put on. Why not make this process easier with a pair of custom eyelash applicator.

One Pretty Pink Lash Curler

Designed with an arch that's higher than usual, get more intense curl with your lash every time with this amazing lash curler. Try it, you may never use any other lash curler again.

One Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag

All items neatly packed in our Pretty Holographic Makeup Bag. Gorgeous and perfectly sized to hold all your everyday beauty tools. 

Get a head start with magnetic lashes. Save 25% off total price with this magnetic lash kit starter pack today. 

Free Priority Shipping: 3 - 4 days in Singapore. PayNow accepted.

See what others are saying... 

Michelle Leong

Easiest falsies, EVER!

I absolutely LOVE the magnetic and eyeliner lashes! I have NEVER been able to falsies right. I've tried everything and watched so many tutorials but I can't get it!

With these lashes, it's so easy. It's literally as easy as it says. Make a nice even line on the lid and place your lashes on the magnetic liner and you are done. They stick and do not fall off. Thank you for a product that even I can use!


I'll never use regular lashes or mascara again!

Perfect! I love too much! Finally ... lashes that are easy to put on!

Wan Ling

I cried like a baby and still look good!

I bought these lashes for my wedding because all other lashes and mascara's are very irritating to my sensitive eyes. That's why I don't wear them often. I cannot say enough positive things about these!

The eyeliner is super easy to apply. The magnets "engaged" and my lash was perfectly in place. The lash is ok but I needed to tweak my eyeliner application. So I took the lash off, touched up my eyeliner, and reapplied the lash without issue. It was perfect. While wearing them, I honestly never felt them. These lashes are super light weight and feel non existent.

15 hours later, I grabbed the inner corner of the lash and gently peeled off. No pain, no problems. The eyeliner came off super easy with soap and water, but I prefer to use coconut oil because I had eyeshadow on too.

Xin Yi

First Impressions

These are no joke. Simply wait 1 min for the eyeliner to dry and close your lid to apply close to natural lash. When I close my eyes tight I can feel the corners. I might need to trim them up a bit. Remember to shake that eyeliner before use! After wearing them for a while I have some points you need to consider. Be generous with the length of liner on lid to make sure corners stay down. Stayed in place despite gusty wind so that's a plus.

Prisha S

Great gift.

My first pair of magnetic eyelashes with eyeliner. It actually works. :) Easy to put on. Easy to take off as well.

Free Priority Shipping: 3 - 4 days in Singapore. PayNow accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the colour of the magic eyeliner?

It is black in colour.

What is the magic eyeliner made of?

Aqua, Glycerin, Magnetic Powder, Properyl Glycol, Acrylates/ Octylacrymlamide Copolymer, PVP, Sobitan Sesquiolate, PEG-3 Sobitan Oleate, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum, Ethylhexylglycerin, Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate, Cl 77266 (Carbon Black), Cl77499 (Iron Oxide).

How long are the magnetic lashes?

Our lashes range from subtle to dramatic. See below.

Are the lashes reusable?

Yes. Depending on your level of care. Each lash can be used up to 30 times.

What is the average shipping time?

All orders are processed within 24 hours. Shipping within Singapore is typically 3 to 4 days. Shipping within Malaysia is typically 3 to 7 days.

Where does the product ship from?

The product ships from Singapore. You can find us at 112 LengKong Tiga Singapore 410112.

Can I self collect?

We currently do not offer self collection. 

How can I track my orders?

You will received a Shipping Confirmation email once your order is shipped. Within that email is your order tracking number. You can track your orders every step of the way. Do note you can only track your orders if you choose Priority Insured Shipping at checkout.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit card, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayNow.

We currently do not accept cash payments.

What if my item is faulty?

We are so sorry for the inconvenience. 

If your item is faulty, please contact us ASAP within 7 days via email at hello@wordpress-470754-1479457.cloudwaysapps.com or call/WhatsApp us at +65 89229553. We will make it right.

I still have questions...

No problem. We are happy to help. Chat with us here: Click Here (Opens WhatsApp). Or you can contact us via email at hello@wordpress-470754-1479457.cloudwaysapps.com.

Beauty doesn't have to be difficult. If you are tired by the way glue on lashes work. Or sick of paying for and waiting for lash extensions, please don't miss out on this.

Free Priority Shipping: 3 - 4 days in Singapore. PayNow accepted.

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