Lovely Glitter Pink Makeup With Mira Magnetic Lash


- Special thanks to @erikak33 for this lovely eye makeup look.

Whether it is your dinner date or your friend’s birthday brunch, you are going to rock it with this perfect glitter pink makeup look.

Shimmery eyes with Mira Magnetic lash. Here's how you can create this lovely glitter pink eye makeup look in four easy steps.

1) Put on contact lens

This look works great with either Grey or Olive contact lens colour. Or, if you would like to keep it simple, your natural eye colour will do too. 

2) Set eyelids with concealer

Select a concealer that matches your skin tone, then apply them to the top and bottom eyelids. Concealer works great to conceal your dark circles. It also helps to make your eye shadow (in the next step) more prominent and long-lasting.

3) Apply Eye Shadow And Glitter

Here comes the fun and also the most complicated steps! Like a blank canvas, apply eye shadow and glitter on your upper eyelids.

First, apply a coat of pink eye shadow on your upper eyelid (areas 1 and 2). 

Next, apply glitter on the center inner eyelids (areas 2 and 3).

4) Apply QuincyLash Mira Magnetic Lash

Finally, wear QuincyLash Mira Magnetic lash in 2 minutes or less! 

Shake QuincyLash magnetic eyeliner and apply to upper lash line. Wait 60 seconds to dry. Then, wear Mira Magnetic eyelashes for that flirty dramatic look.

And you are done!

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