Help! Which Lashes Should I Get?


Can't decide which lash you should get?

No worries, here are some guides to help you find your perfect lashes.

Your Goals

Choose which Level Of Lashes that match your current goals.

Choose Glam Lash For...

Choose full-strip glam lashes for a gorgeous look. Glam lashes focus on density and length. They are typically longer, have more volume and curls that opens the eyes for the sexy, irresistible look.

Typically worn for special occasions like weddings, photoshoots or date nights.

Choose Natural Lash For...

Choose full-strip natural lashes for everyday wear to look pretty without being overly dramatic. They are typically shorter and have slightly less volume compared to glam lashes. Curls are comparable to glam lashes for the flirty, alluring look. 

Typically worn for daily wear to look pretty all day long.

Choose Accent (Half) Lash For...

Choose half-strip accent lashes to enhance your natural beauty. Create the "Makeup, No Makeup" style with these lashes. Shaped in a cat eye style, these lash matches your natural lash and then gradually lengthens towards the outer eye enhancing your natural beauty...subtly.

Typically worn for daily wear to enhance your natural beauty.

We currently only have 1 accent lash in our collection. You can view it: HERE

Choose Designs

View lash designs below, seen any you like?

Lash Length Chart

Longer lash are more drama.

Lash Curl Chart

Longer curls makes eyes look bigger.

Other Considerations

Volume Lashes - Volume lashes appear thick and fluffy. They make the eyes look fuller. All lashes have a slight volume. Lucia Magnetic Lash has the most volume.

Hooded or Monolids - If you have hooded or monolid eyes, all lashes are still suitable. But, it is recommended to choose lashes that will help you "open" your eyes a bit more so L-Lift or L-Curl lashes.

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