At last…this false lashes I can put on anywhere for those special occasions. 

By Sarah Lim

08 May 2020

Imagine heads turned and all eyes on you. For those special days, complete your makeup anywhere and in 5 minutes or less before those special occasions.

I rushed to the ladies with my bag in hand…

Search for this lash kit inside.

Pop open the handy carry case.

Then complete my makeup with these beautiful pair of false lashes. 

I did a quick check to make sure no one is looking. Then flutter my eyelids playfully in front of the mirror. 

Sexy. Gorgeous. Glamorous. 

Now I am ready. Ready for the annual company dinner. 

These lashes are perfect for those special workdays. You know…days like a company annual dinner, a girls night out or a hot date.


Because unlike traditional false lashes in the market, this one is easy and quick to put on.

I can simply drop these lashes into my bag and only put them on a few minutes before those special events.

Most traditional lashes are not like that. They are too difficult and time consuming to wear. So you need to put them on in the morning and wear them throughout the day.

With these false lashes, you don’t need to. You can feel comfortable when you need to work. And look sexy when you are ready to play. It is easy and quick to put on.

In fact, the first time I put them on, it took me only 5 minutes. Today…I am even quicker. It is already a part of my makeup routine.

What makes it easy and quick?

These false lashes snap on instead of sticks. They call it Esme Magnetics.

Esme Magnetic Lash Kit.

No glue is necessary. Just 5 magnets on each lash. 

5 micro magnets on each lashes.

To put them on. Simply apply the magnetically infused liquid eyeliner to your lash line.

A special blend of magic eyeliner.

Put the lashes close and feel it snap into place. 

Snaps on instead of sticks.

I still remember the first time I put it on. It is an experience you will remember for a while. 

There is no icky glue to deal with. No waiting for it to dry. No manually sticking the lashes in the perfect position. It simply snaps on so you can get on with your life.

Those special workdays…it's already hard enough. Hair, attire, shoes, makeup.

Why not make it easier with Esme magnetics?

Why Is Traditional Lashes So Difficult?

Traditional lashes are difficult because of glue.

First, apply a thin layer on our lash line. Then with steady hands position the lashes in the perfect place before the glue dries out.

Place it incorrectly and the whole look falls apart. Adjust it one bit and the whole lash move. And for the OCD ones amongst us (LIKE ME!), this is pure torture!

Usually, I will just yank them off my eyes. Fling them into the waste paper basket. And tell myself “NEVER WILL I DO THIS AGAIN!”

But with Esme Magnetic it is so easy now because no glue is used. Just draw the magnetic eyeliner and watch the lashes snap into place on Its own.

No longer do you need to spend so much time in the morning preparing. No longer do you need to wear them all through the day if you only need the added drama during the evening.

You can feel comfortable during the workday. And sexy when you are ready to play.

How does it look?

Esme magnetic is a drama lash. The hairs are made of natural mink and the lash bands are almost invisible.

Dramatic but natural looking.

When you put Esme on, it does not overwhelm your natural lashes. Instead, it gives it a boost. It intensifies your eyes. Giving it volume, making it look bigger.

It works like a daring red lipstick. One that you will only wear when it's time to play. 

Now you can look professional when you work. And look like a goddess when you are ready to play.

How does it work?

First, pop open the handy carry case.

Pop open carry case

Shake the magic magnetic eyeliner bottle.

Shake eyeliner bottle

Unscrew the cap.

Unscrew cap

Then gently apply the eyeliner to your lash line.

Apply eyeliner to lash line

Next, take the lashes out with your hands and grip it with the included eyelash tweezer.

Put on Esme Magnetic with eyelash tweezer

With the tweezer in hand, position Esme close to your eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

And you are done.

Simple isn’t it?

Take a few minutes. Flutter your eyelids and watch how seductive and gorgeous you look together.

Now...would you want to try one? 

A simpler false lashes for those special days. To look gorgeous and glamorous is much simpler now...

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