These lashes almost always helps you stop Embarrassing “panda like eyes". 

By Sarah Lim | 17 Apr 2020

BREAKING: Women in Singapore turns into giant pandas. Spotted walking around the streets of Singapore recently.

Have you noticed cute pandas walking around the streets of Singapore recently?

On two feet…!

In hot sunny Singapore, women are turning into pandas!

Not this panda...

Pandas are cute but we don't want to become one

But this...

Smoky eyes or panda like eyes?

Pandas are cute. But no women wants to have "panda like eyes"...

The root cause?

With the humidity and temperature in Singapore soaring...it is almost impossible to keep your eye makeup looking as it did when you left home.

And you know what’s worse. You usually don’t realise it when it's too late.

It's like you go to the ladies and you realise to your horror, a vegetable stuck on your teeth.

Here you are, standing in front of the mirror. Thinking…”Did all those people I spoke to during the meeting earlier notice it?"

This is why I prefer this false lashes instead.

Compared to mascara, they do not smudge. And they maintain their shape well throughout the day.

This is not your standard glue-on false lashes that take FOREVER to put on.

Nope. This is different. This is easier and quicker to put on. 

Safer too for your natural lashes as not a single drop of glue is used. 

Done in 5 mins or less! If only they knew…

Esme Magnetic literally snaps on. And not a single drop of glue is used.

We have removed icky glue and replace it will something better.

Esme Magnetics is as easy to put on as mascara

This lash will literally “put on itself” for you. Coming from stick on lashes this is pure alchemy!

The secret is in the eyelash and magic eyeliner combination...

You see, each pair of Esme lashes contain 5 micro magnets embedded on the lash bands.

5 micro magnets on each lash

Each bottle of Esme eyeliner contains a special blend of magnetically infused liquid eyeliner.

Magnetically infused black eyeliner

Now on its own, there is nothing special...But when these two combined. Magic happens.

Puts on itself for you in 5 minutes or less

No more icky glues to deal with...

If you have ever used glue on lashes before, you know how difficult it is to position false lashes on your lash line.

Like performing a surgical operation!

But not this. This just snaps on your lash line. So you can be done in 5 minutes or less. Easy, breezy and beautiful! I get so many compliments when I wear these.

I save so much time now. If only they knew…;)

Goodbye mascara. Goodbye "panda like eyes". You will not be missed!

Well here is how it works in 3 simple steps:


Apply the magic eyeliner to your lash line.


Wait 45 seconds to dry.


Bring the Esme Magnetic close to the eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

Yep...It’s that simple.

Oh...This also means we skip a step. Notice how we did not need to apply eyeliner as a finishing touch like normal stick on lashes. We already did it in step 1!

"Okay great." You might think. "What about how it looks?" Read on...

More Natural-Looking Than Traditional Lashes

Esme Magnetic is more natural-looking than glue-on lashes. Why? Because the eyeliners are used for attachment and not concealment.

Eyeliners as attachment, not concealment.

Do you know what is the most obvious telltale sign of a fake lash?

Visible lash bands.

With Esme Magnetics, the lash bands fit to you, not the other way around. The eyeliner is used as an attachment, not concealment.

The lashes conform to the natural contours of your eyelids. Giving you the natural look that we all crave for!

And what’s more…if you are concern it will not hold as strong as glue...don't worry. 

Esme holds strong all day long

It last all day. It is windproof and smudge-proof. 

Five magnetic bonds on each lash working hard to keep the lashes in the perfect place throughout the day. 

Holds strong all day long

Look. If you found yourself in a disco and bobbing your head as vigorously as my hands below. 

Still hold strong with vigorous shaking

It will not drop. Esme magnetics got your back girl! You can dance through the night. 

And when you are done for the day, getting on is as easy as getting it off. The tick is to remove the lashes from the sides, from one end to another.

Plus, no messy glue to deal with here. 

So...would you like to try one?

Feel it snap on your lash line. Magical the very first time I experience it.

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