There is a new innovation in false lashes...And It is making many women look gorgeous. 

By Sarah Lim | 30 Mar 2020

In fact, beautiful looking false lashes are now more accessible to women. Even if they have never put on one before...

False lashes. They are a chore. The problem being - the glue. 

It makes it hard to put on. Gets messy. Difficult to get it right…and it takes lots of time. 

But they make us look beautiful. Make the eyes look bigger. Make us feel sexy, confident and ready to take on the world.

Thankfully, what used to be a chore is now easy for most women.

Women, young and old are starting to embrace false lashes because of a new innovation.

And it’s about time...

 Something better? (More about this later)

We have been using glues to stick on false lashes since the 1950s! That’s more than 70 years ago. 

In the 1950s, Hollywood starlets like Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth embraces them. Wearing them in photoshoots to make their eyes look larger.

Since then, the trend had caught on. And for 70 long years, women have been sticking on false lashes on their eyelids.

Diligently putting them on with glue, because there is simply no better way…until now...

These false Lashes will put on itself for you...

The Esme Magnetic literally snaps on. And not a single drop of glue is used.

Not a single drop of glue

We have removed icky glue and replace it will something better.

How I converted my younger sister to try false lashes...

I gave this to my younger sister. She is… not a makeup person.

"Too much hassle." she said

She had never successfully put on false lashes before in her life.

"Too much hassle." she said, “Not worth the time.”

The last time I timed her, she is done in 4 mins 34 secs.

Can you beat her record?

A total newbie?

With Esme Magnetic, my sister manage to puts on false lashes for the first time.

It looks good on her... Let's hope she likes her new look. Fingers crossed that she'll get more dates now... :)

Well...here's how it works...

Each pair of lashes contain 5 micro magnets surgically embedded on the lash bands.

5 magnets embedded per lash

Each bottle of magic eyeliner contains a special blend of magnetically infused liquid eyeliner.

Magnetically infused magic eyeliner

On its own, there is nothing special...

But when these two combined. Magic happens.

Put on itself for you

The Esme Magnetic eyelashes snap and put on itself for you. 

And just like that, beautiful looking lashes easily and effortlessly.

The first time I put them on. It feels like I cheated...

Ever came across this saying?

"There are no ugly women, 

just lazy ones."

Helena Rubinstein

This is just too easy compared to glue on lashes.

I am supposed to work for it. I use to work for it…but not anymore.

While we are having lunch together one day, a colleague compliments my eyelashes. She notices how “hardworking” I am to put false lashes on every day.

For her, she could never find the time every morning. If she did, she will be late for work.

I felt a little guilty...like I have taken the easy way out.

Have I...?

If only she knew my little secret.

Obviously, I told her about Esme Magnetics. And I have since got over the guilty feeling.

I have upgraded. So does she. What about you?

Stick on lashes are so 1950s. Magnets are here. Esme magnetics does not use glue but magnets instead.

"But can they hold up?"

Wind, smudge and water proof

My colleague asked as I told her about it.

At least, I know glue can hold up throughout the day. Can Esme Magnetic hold up too?

Yes, it can.

It holds up all day long. It is waterproof, smudge-proof and windproof.

See how even heavily wind, the Esme Magnetic still stick together and hold strong.

This is because Esme Magnetic has not one but five magnetic bonds on each lash.

5 magnets embedded per lash

Each bond working hard to keep the lashes in the perfect place throughout the day.

Try shaking your head. Try blowing them with a hairdryer. They didn't move at all.

And when you are done for the day, just pull them off your eyes from the sides.

My makeup removal routine is so much quicker now. 

With Esme Magnetics, getting on is as easy as getting it off. 

So….would you like to try one?

Get yours today!

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So if you want false lashes that are easy to put on. Or like my younger sister, finally able to put on false lashes easily and effortlessly after all these years...

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Oh.. one more thing. Each pair is reusable too. Depending on your level of care, each pair could be used up to 25 times. Get your Esme Magnetics Here.