What If My Magnetic Lash Band Is Too Long?


Help, the lash is too wide for me!

Can I cut the magnets off?

The magnetic lash is poking my eyes!

Lash keeps coming out and pushing against my inner double eyelid...

Then this post is for you - we will be touching on how to trim the width of the lashes. Getting a proper fit for each side, so you can wear them easily and comfortably anytime, every time!

Please note, most women do not need to trim their lashes. You only trim them when you absolutely need to.

Also note, if the lash length instead of the lash band is too long, do refer to our Instagram account for eye makeup tutorials! We do not recommend trimming the lash length. Putting on eyeshadow can make your eyes look brighter and larger. With that, longer lashes are best for completing that eye look. 

Signs of a long lash band

Here are a few telltale signs if a lash band is too long for you:

  • You can see the lash band extends beyond the outer edges of your eye.
  • You can feel the ends of the lash band poking your eye (on the inner or outer corner).
  • You are tearing up due to poking sensation or discomfort.

You can encounter the above telltale signs in either one or both eyes.

This is because our eyes width is not exactly the same, it is common to have slight differences in eye width between both eyes.

Worn correctly, our lashes should last all day with you barely noticing its existence!

What you need

  • Magnetic Lash
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Mirror

Step 1: Understand where the magnetic lash will sit on your lash line

From the picture above, you will notice the area highlighted in blue is covered by skin. If you wear the magnetic lashes within the blue area, it is going to be uncomfortable for you.

The correct location where the lashes should sit is from the yellow arrow onwards to the outer eyes. 

Most eye shapes are different. Your eyes may not look the same as per the picture above. The key point is to identify, if any, where the skin folds in on your lash line. This should be the starting point where the magnetic lash sit.

Step 2: Measure the magnetic lash to your lash line

Using the tweezers in your lash kit, hold the magnetic lash over your upper lash line to measure.

Position the tweezer on the outer end of the eye where you need to trim. You can take note of how many magnets you need to trim, or mark the point by placing the end of the tweezers where the scissors should cut.

Here are a few tips to make this measuring easier.

  • Bend the lashes around your finger gently, so it will conform to your eye's curvature.
  • Make sure you always have the ends with shorter lash length on the inner eyes (closest to your nose). This only applies to lashes that are not symmetrical like Kitty Magnetic Lash.

Step 3: Trim The Outer Ends Of The Magnetic Lash

Always trim from the outer end of the lash. Trim near to a magnet so that each end will have a magnet to hold down the lash.

Be conservative about trimming. You can always trim again later but you cannot undo it if you trim too much!

After trimming, do remember which side it belongs to by placing them correctly on the keeper in your lash case.

And you are done!

Once you are done with one eye, repeat the process for the other eye. Always fit each eye separately, as it is common to have a slight difference in eye width between both eyes.

Do take note of where you trim it too so you do not need to repeat the same steps above for your next similar design magnetic lashes.

Your turn

Having fitted your magnetic lashes, wearing them will be much easier and comfortable all through the day...and for every subsequent use.

A properly fitted magnetic lash also increase the hold strength of the lashes, since it is not sitting on your eyes awkwardly.

Please note, most women do not need to trim their lashes. You only trim them when you absolutely need to.

What's next? Learn how to put on magnetic lashes or how to clean them when you are done.

Want to learn more about magnetic lash? Here is: Magnetic Lashes: Everything You Need To Know.

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