[Naughty Or Nice] Look “Nice” With Tori Magnetic This Xmas


- Special thanks to @auqiuxin for this lovely eye makeup look.

Christmas is almost upon us and the holiday season is approaching!

Whether you are celebrating with a nice family meal, rocking a cool dance move at a party or just Netflix and chill with a loved one…this “Nice” look with cute puppy eyes could fit your every occasion.

With the use of light natural shades and muted colours, bring out the good girl in you with this look.

Recreate this look in 5 simple steps with Tori Magnetic Lash.

Step 1

Set your makeup base then apply an eyeshadow shade just slightly darker than your skin tone around your eyes. Try to use neutral or natural skin tone colours such as brown or rose pink.

Step 2

Apply a lighter eyeshadow shade with shimmer to the top centreline of your eyelids. Apply the same to your lower lash line. 

Step 3

Next, apply a darker eyeshadow shade to the inner and outer corners of your eyes. On your outer eyes, aim for an outwards pointed triangle shape. It is recommended to gently pat out excess eyeshadow on your brush before applying so it blends well and prevents harsh lines.

Step 4

Achieve the puppy eye look by lining your lash line with QunicyLash Magnetic Eyeliner. Make sure the outer ends are slanted downwards following your natural lash line before ending it with a slight wing.

Step 5

Snapped on Tori Magnetic Lash to your lash line. And finally, apply some liquid tear glitter on your lower lash line and you are all ready to go!

And you are done!

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