Isla Magnetic Cherry Blossom Inspired Makeup For CNY


- Special thanks to @jazminelau for this lovely eye makeup look.

There's a lot to love about CNY—from enjoying tasty food to collecting angpao. And what makes it even more exciting is dressing up and looking your best!

This CNY, get ready to impress with the cherry blossom-inspired makeup look.

Its rosy tones, subtle pink shimmers, and a touch of cherry red effortlessly enhance your natural beauty without going overboard. This youthful and joyful appearance is perfect for any CNY occasion.

Recreate the look in just 4 simple steps with Isla Magnetic Lash.

Step 1

Start by applying an eye primer for long-lasting eye makeup. Then, on the upper eyelid, apply a pink blush and rosy matte eyeshadow as the base colour for the look. (Tip: Mix both colours on the brush before applying for seamless blending.)

Step 2

At the outer corner, apply a darker rouge pink eyeshadow for added depth.

Step 3

From the middle of the lower eyelid towards the inner corner, apply a pinkish shimmer eyeshadow to brighten up the look.

Step 4

Draw QuincyLash magnetic eyeliner across the upper lash line and wait for 60 seconds. While waiting for it to dry, apply a brown shade to the lower lash line for a rounded eye look.

Next, pat a rosy cream blush onto your cheeks and put on a cherry matte lip colour. Snap on Isla Magnetic Lash to finish off the look. And voila, you're all set to impress at the CNY gatherings!

And you are done!

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