Goddess Glam Look With Mira Magnetic


- Special thanks to @bxbyqueen for this lovely eye makeup look.

Looking for makeup style that's effortlessly breathtaking? Look no further than this stunning look, adorned with soft, neutral tones and delicate glitter accents.

Whether you're preparing for a glamorous night out, a special occasion, or simply want to elevate your everyday look, this goddess glam eye makeup look is a must-try.

Recreate the look in just 6 simple steps with Mira magnetic lash.

Step 1

Start by applying an eye primer on the upper eyelid to ensure long-lasting makeup. This will create a smooth base for the rest of your eye look. Next, use a fluffy blending brush to apply a neutral light brown shade as the base color for your eye look.

Step 2

At the outer corner towards the middle of your upper eyelid, blend a darker ash brown shade to add depth and dimension to the look. Make sure to blend the color softly for a seamless transition.

Step 3

At the inner corner of your upper eyelid, create a cut crease using a small compact brush and concealer for precision. This technique will make your eyes appear more open and lifted.

Step 4

On top of the cut crease area, gently dab your favorite glitter using your finger or a brush. This will add a touch of sparkle to your look.

Step 5

Glide on QuincyLash magnetic eyeliner along your upper lash line, extending it towards the outer corner to create a lifted wing that beautifully accentuates your eyes.

Step 6

Snap on Mira magnetic lash to complete the look. Now, you're ready to embrace the day with an enchanting, goddess-like allure.

And you are done!

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