Can this be the end of lash extensions?

By Sarah Lim

15 Jun 2020

Can this finally replace expensive and time-consuming lash extensions for good? Esme false lash is easy and quick to put on. Gentle on your real lash too. 


I love and hate you.

It makes us look beautiful, but it comes with a whole list of rules! 

Can't rub my eyes when it's itchy. Can’t give my real lashes time to rest. Can’t sleep on my sides, without fear of crushing it at night.

And the one I really hate…can’t wash my eyes directly in the shower after a full day of dirt, grim and bacterial touching my face.

All this, for some nice looking lashes.

All this just for some nice looking lashes.  

It’s like saying Yes to extensions and saying No to a whole lot of other things.

You know…all this is okay.

Okay if extensions are cheap, quick and easy to put on...


Each session is at least 2 hours long, cost around $100 to $300, and you pay them every 6 weeks.

But the real agony is the maintenance after that. Too many rules to follow just to extent the life of the extensions...

Can't do this, can't do that...

For the past 4 years, I thought extensions are the only eyelash make up available for me.

But not any more...

I stopped going for lash extensions. I now use Esme false lashes instead.

You see, Esme is not your typical glue on false lashes. In fact, not a single drop of glue is used.

And because of this, you can wear Esme easy and quick in only 5 minutes or less.

Here’s how it works...

The Easiest False Lashes Ever

Esme is the easiest pair of lashes you will ever put on. It works by using magnets instead of glue...

Esme Magnetics: Magnets instead of icky glue. 

Each pair of Esme lashes contain 5 micro magnets embedded on the lash bands.

5 micro magnets on each lash.

Each bottle of Esme eyeliner contains a special blend of magnetically infused liquid eyeliner.

A special blend of magic eyeliner.

On its own, there is nothing special...But when these two combined. Magic happens.

Literally put on itself for you.

The eyelashes snap-on and literally "put on itself" for you.

Now, it is so easy and quick. You can put on beautiful looking false lashes in only 5 minutes or less.

Now you have full control. Enhance your eyelashes only when you want to.

Now it's more hygienic. Thoroughly remove all your eye makeup at the end of the day, wash them directly in the shower without worry of losing a few expensive strands of extensions. 

No more 2 hour sessions. No more long list of rules to follow. No more wearing them to bed.

And it's cheaper too...more on that later. 

Here’s how to puts them on in 3 simple steps.


Apply the magic eyeliner to your lash line.


Wait 90 seconds to dry.


Bring Esme Magnetic close to the eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

Natural Looking

Esme magnetics is natural-looking from the way it was built.

The biggest giveaway of false lashes are visible lash bands.

With normal false lashes, eyeliner are used to conceal these lash bands. 

But with Esme Magnetics, it is slightly different. The eyeliner is not used to only conceal but also actively seeks to "attract" the lash bands. 

Almost invisible lash bands.

This makes Esme lash bands almost invisible. Giving you the natural look that we all crave for!

And there's more... 

Holds Strong All Day

Esme magnetics is water and windproof too. It holds strong all through the day.

Even under heavy wind conditions, the lashes do not move. 

Water, smudge and windproof.

Esme is held strong with 5 micro magnets embedded on each lash, working hard to keeps the lashes in place throughout the day for you.

And when you are done for the day, simply pull them off your eyes from the sides from one edge to the other.

Give your real lashes a break. They need it. Long term use has damaged my natural lashes making them sparse, stubby and thin.

Cleaner to remove too since no glue is used.

Highly Reusable

Since no glue is used, it's less harsh on the lashes. So you can use them more times compared to normal glue on lashes.

Highly reusable too. 

Depending on your level of care, each pair could be used up to 25 times…a cheaper alternative to lash extensions.

Esme is designed to be highly reusable.

A carry case is provided. When they are not in use, just store them in the provided carry case. They will be ready and waiting for you the next time.

No glue. Just magnets

​If you have tried, but never successfully put on false lashes before, this is different, this may work for you.​​​

Beauty does not have to be difficult.

You do not need to spend that kind of money, sit through the long sessions, and endure the tedious daily maintenance just to have nice looking lashes.

There is a better way.

Would you like to try one?

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