Like mascara, you can easily put on this false lashes too. 

By Emily Ng | 25 May 2020

QuincyLash Guest Contributor 

Esme lets you ditch your mascara for false lashes. Even though false lashes allow a wide range of looks, women are still choosing to put on mascara due to its ease of use. Esme lets you put on false lashes as easy as mascara.

Imagine this...

You had done your makeup and now applying the finishing touches on your eyes.

You have 2 choices in front of you. On the left a mascara. On the right a beautiful pair of false lashes.

Which will you choose? 

If you are like most women. You will choose mascara. Because you ain’t got time to put on false lashes every morning...

You know the routine. Wait for glues to dry. Carefully put on lashes on the lash line. Adjust the lashes into the perfect position. Plus many more steps, too much to list down.

Who got time for this..right!?

But what if...false lashes are as easy to put on as mascara?

Would you still choose the mascara on your left? Or the pair of false lashes on the right? 

The Fastest Lashes You Will Ever Put on.

Esme magnetic is the fastest lashes I had ever put on. It works by using magnets instead of glue...

Each pair of Esme lashes contain 5 micro magnets embedded on the lash bands.

5 magnets per lash

Each bottle of Esme eyeliner contains a special blend of magnetically infused liquid eyeliner.

Magnetically infused eyeliner

On its own, there is nothing special...But when these two combined. Magic happens.

Puts on itself

The eyelashes snap and put on itself for me. And you know what?

Not a single drop of glue used!

If you have ever put on false lashes, you know how much skill it requires...

First, put on glue. Then wait for it to dry. Then comes the hardest part…like a skilled surgeon with steady hands, surgically position the lash bands on your lash line.

Move one corner of the lash too much and the whole look falls apart. The lashes moved out of place.

And, usually…the more I try to make it look right, the more I felt I made it worse! I will give up in frustration. Yank the lashes off my eyes. And threw them away into the waste paper basket.

I have lost count of the number of lashes I have sacrificed for practice and training...

But with Esme Magnetic, it is so different. It is so easy to put on false lashes now.

It's so easy to put on now

The eyeliner is used as a guide. The lashes snap on to it magically (or magnetically). It literally puts itself on for you.

I save so much time now…I can put on false lashes as quickly as putting on mascara. 

Which is a dream come true for me, because, I am one of those unfortunate few who have short lashes. Mascara just does not work for me. At least not the way I like to look.

I had since stopped using mascara. With Esme Magnetics I can wear beautiful looking lashes every day. Which is simply amazing.

Speaking of everyday...

It Holds Strong All Day Long...

Esme Magnetics hold up all day long.

Even under heavy wind conditions, the lashes do not move.

Holds strong even under heavy wind

Even when I am frantically moving from one meeting to another. Esme Magnetic stays in place.

This is because it contains not one but five magnetic bonds on each lash.

5 magnets per lash

Each bonds working hard to keeps the lashes in place and the perfect position through the day for me. 

And when I am done for the day, I just pull them off my eyes from the sides. There is no icky glue to deal with.

With Esme Magnetics, getting on is as easy as getting it off.

And it looks natural too...

Looks Almost like real lashes

Esme magnetics is also more natural-looking than glue-on lashes…


Because it looks like real hair? NOPE. Most lashes in the market also looks like real hair too.

Looks like real hair

Because it has thinner lash bands? NOPE. Lots of lashes in the market has thin lash bands too.

Super thin lash bands

Here is the real reason why... 

Because unlike normal glue on lashes that uses eyeliner as concealment. Esme Magnetics uses eyeliner as an attachment.

Like inseparable lovers. Both eyeliners and eyelashes are attracted to each other. The eyelashes snaps-on to the eyeliner.

Eyelashes snaps-on to eyeliner

This gives you the natural look. It makes you look cute and amazing all day long.

Puts On In A Few Simple Steps

Simply pop open the handy carry case.

Pop open carry case

Shake the magic magnetic eyeliner bottle.

Shake eyeliner bottle

Unscrew the cap.

Unscrew cap

Then gently apply the eyeliner to your lash line.

Apply eyeliner to lash line

Next, take out the lashes with your hands and grip it with the included eyelash tweezer.

Put on Esme Magnetic with eyelash tweezer

With the tweezer in hand, position the lash close to the eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

And you are done.

Take a few minutes. Admire yourself in the mirror. Flutter your eyelids and watch how seductive and cute you look. 

You deserve it.

Two choices. Which one would you choose? 

Imagine there are 2 choices in front of you right now.

On the left a mascara. On the right Esme Magnetic. It is quick and easy to put on. It is as easy to put on as mascara.

Which would you choose? Mascara on the left? Or Esme Magnetic on the right?

Mascara or Esme Magnetic

If you choose Esme Magnetic on the right…you are in luck.

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Oh..one more thing. Each pair is reusable too. Depending on your level of care, each pair could be used up to 25 times. Get your Esme Magnetics today.