This may be the only eye makeup you need for now...

By Sarah Lim

17 Apr 2020

Get hassle-free beauty even with your face all covered up. With Esme lash, not a single drop of glue is used. You can put on beautiful looking false lashes in 5 mins or less.

Ditch your lipstick. Forget about the concealer.

Just a little bit of foundation.

You can even apply makeup to only half your face. This way you can save time, save effort, save makeup!

But what you can’t ignore...your eyes.

Your eye makeup matter now.

In times like this, your eye makeup matters. You can ditch all your other makeup routine, but you cannot ignore your eyes.

Trips are shorter nowadays. Most of us are only going out to pack food, or to get groceries.

With shorter trips and with your face all covered up, are you going to spend 20 minutes on full-face makeup?

No dear…maybe not….

But with only your eyes visible, expressing yourself through your eyes takes centre stage.

Your eye makeup matters now. And what better way to express yourself through a beautiful pair of false lashes. 

I know...

"It's hard", you say.

But not this pair...

With this pair of false lashes, you can put them on easily and effortlessly.

Puts on easily and effortlessly.

With Esme, you can put on false lashes in 5 minutes or less.

Now even with your face all covered up. You can express yourself without too much work.

You can draw attention to your eyes. Tease the beauty hidden behind covers. Make them wonder what you really look like...

Esme lash helps you put on false lashes even if you have never, ever, successfully put on false lashes before. 


Because unlike traditional false lashes, Esme does not use a single drop of glue. The lashes snap-on instead…it literally puts on itself for you in 5 minutes or less.

Done in 5 mins or less! If only they knew… 

With Esme Magnetics, I am done in 5 mins or less. 

It literally “put on itself” for me. Coming from stick on lashes this is pure alchemy!

Esme Magnetics literally "put on itself" for you.

The secret is in the eyelash and magic eyeliner combination. On its own, there is nothing special. But, magic happens when you piece these two together. 

Each pair of lashes contain 5 micro magnets surgically embedded on the lash bands. 

5 micro magnets on each lashes.

Each bottle of magic eyeliner contains a special blend of magnetically infused liquid eyeliner. 

A special blend of magic eyeliner.

Like a match made in heaven. When these two combined. Magic happens. No more icky glues for you to stick on your false lashes. EVER.

Puts on itself for you.

Easy, breezy and beautiful! I get so many compliments when I wear these.

I met my neighbours recently on the lift. As our eyes met, she paused, just for a brief moment. She compliments my eyes. Deep down, she must be thinking about how hardworking and discipline I am. 

If only she knew…;)

Well here is how it works in 3 simple steps:


Apply the magic eyeliner to your lash line.


Wait 45 seconds to dry.


Bring the Esme Magnetic close to the eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

Yep...It’s that simple.

Oh...and in case you did not notice, this even skip a step. We did not need to apply multiple coats of eyeliner to conceal the lash band (like normal stick-on lashes). We already did it in step 1.

Esme magnetics is simply perfect for shorter trips these days. Guaranteed to draw attention to the eyes. Look gorgeous all day long.

Natural-looking lashes are never stick on lashes... 

The most natural-looking lashes are not stick on lashes.

Want to know why?

Because stick-on lashes use eyeliners for concealment. But Esme Magnetic uses eyeliners as an attachment.

Almost invisible lash bands.

The single most obvious telltale sign of a fake lash is visible lash bands.

Most girls conceal these lash bands with multiple coats of eyeliners. Some girls are even placing lash bands under their eyelids to hide them.

Lash band on Esme Magnetic is almost invisible because it only attaches to the magic eyeliner.

The magic eyeliners are used as an attachment, not concealment. 

The lash bands fits to you, not the other way around. It conforms to the natural contours of your eyelids. Giving you the natural look that we all crave for!

Mascara?…MAYBE NOT.

Water, smudge and windproof. Look perfect all day long.

And it lasts all day. There is no need to worry even if you're outdoors. 

It is waterproof, smudge-proof and windproof.

Water, smudge and windproof.

Even heavily wind, they still stick together and hold strong. Five magnetic bonds on each lash, working hard to keep them in the perfect place throughout the day.

Try shaking your head. Try blowing them with a hairdryer. They didn't move at all.

And in rare cases, even if it did move. How difficult will it be to adjust it back into place? There is no icky glue to deal with here.

Reusable for up to 25 times.

Depending on your level of care, each pair could be used up to 25 times. 

If you want to remove them, just pull them off your eyes from the side. Then with soap or makeup remover, rub off the eyeliner and you are done.

Reusable. Easy on, easy off.

It’s that easy.

There is no need to dissolve the glue with makeup remover. No risk of losing real lashes when you yank them off your eyes. No messy glue that gets into your eyes.

With Esme Magnetic, getting on is as easy as getting it off. In 5 mins or less.

Puts On In A Few Simple Steps

Simply pop open the handy carry case.

Pop open carry case

Shake the magic magnetic eyeliner bottle.

Shake eyeliner bottle

Unscrew the cap.

Unscrew cap

Then gently apply the eyeliner to your lash line.

Apply eyeliner to lash line

Next, take out the lashes with your hands and grip it with the included eyelash tweezer.

Put on Esme Magnetic with eyelash tweezer

With the tweezer in hand, position the lash close to the eyeliner and watch it snap into place.

And you are done. 

Now, if you want, you can put on your face covers.

Take a few minutes. Admire yourself in the mirror. See how it highlights your eyes. Flutter your eyelids and watch how seductive and cute you look. 

You deserve it. 

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Your eyes makeup matter in times like this. This may be the only eye makeup you need for now.

So if you want to express yourself through your eyes. Want to easily and effortlessness put on false lashes in 5 minutes or less..

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