​​​​​​​​Easy Barbie Pink Glam With Kitty Magnetic


- Special thanks to @zebakhanart for this lovely eye makeup look.

A quick shimmery pink eye makeup with Kitty Magnetic that is so easy to wear!

Create this look in 5 simple steps...

Step 1

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Create a crease with a dark pink eye shadow.

Step 2

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Apply a lighter pink eye shadow all over your upper eyelid.

Step 3

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Apply pink shimmer shadow from the inner eye lid to the outer edges of the lid.

Step 4

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Blend additional dark pink eye shadow on the outer edge of the lid to create a 2D look on the eye makeup.

Step 5

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Now apply the magnetic eyeliner and snap on Kitty Magnetic lashes. Apply a hint of dark pink eyeshadow to the lower lash line and you are done!

And you are done!

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