Dolly Soft Glam Look With Mira Magnetic


- Special thanks to @roxannejy for this lovely eye makeup look.

With soft, pastel hues and a touch of dolly-inspired allure, this look make your eyes the center of attention, captivating with every flutter of your lashes.

Perfect for any occasion when you want to make a statement. Whether it's a special event, a romantic date night, or simply a day when you want to elevate your look.

Recreate the look in just 6 simple steps with Mira Magnetic lash.

Step 1

Prime your eyelids for long-lasting makeup. Next, on both of your upper and lower eyelids, apply a light peach shade as the base colour for the eye look. Then, at the outer corner, add a deeper reddish shade to contour the eye. Blend the two shades for a seamless gradient.

Step 2

On the lower lash line towards the outer eye, line it with an angled brush using the same red eyeshadow. This creates the appearance of a bigger eye look.

Step 3

Find your tear bag and draw a thin line just under it, using a brown shade slightly darker than your skin tone.

Step 4

Plump up your tear bag with pearl glitter eyeshadow. Apply some to your inner corner and the middle of upper eyelid to make your eye pop!

Step 5

Apply mascara to your lower lashes to add volume and enhance their appearance.

Step 6

Shake and draw QuincyLash magnetic eyeliner across your upper lash line. Wait for it to dry and snap on Mira magnetic lash to finish the look. 

And you are done!

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