How To Create The Cutie Eye Makeup Look With Cora Magnetic Lash?


- Special thanks to @headsover_heel for this lovely eye makeup look.

This post is part of the "Sexy vs Cutie" eye makeup challenge. Thank you all for participating, your votes have spoken!

So what is Cute?

Labels aside, it usually means adorable, innocent and wholesome. 

Not sure about you...I am THAT and also SO MUCH MORE. It's interesting how we can communicate so much from a few simple make up brush strokes.

So like a magical spell, here is how you can wave your makeup wane to create a cutie eye look.

  • Contour your inner and outer eyelids.
  • Thicken the middle upper and lower lash line.
  • Draw the Aegyosal (the lower eyelid / eye bag).

Not sure what this means? Read on to find out...

Here is now to recreate the cutie eye makeup look in 5 simple steps with Cora Magnetic Lash.

Step 1

Set a base on the upper eyelid. Then, contour the inner and outer corners of the eyelid with a light brown eyeshadow. 

Step 2

Use a brown eyeliner to line across the upper lash line towards the outer corner of the eye. Then, blend a dark brown eyeshadow in the middle of the upper and lower lash line to create a bigger eye look.

Step 3

Use a light brown eyeshadow to trace the aegyosal contour (the lower eyelid / eye bag).

To know where to draw, smile and squint your eye a little to find the eye fat. Blend the brown eyeshadow over the groove in both inwards and outwards directions. 

Then, smudge out the middle of the Aegyosal in a downwards direction. (Thicker in the middle to imitate the shadow of the eye fat.)  

Step 4

Use a matt white or glitter eyeshadow to highlight the middle of your aegyosal (the lower eyelid / eye bag) in small regions and smudge out the edges.

Step 5

Apply Quincylash magnetic eyeliner on the upper eyelid. Snap on Cora Magnetic Lash to finish the Cutie eye makeup look.

Finally, apply mascara to the lower lashes to widen the eye. 

And you are done!

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