Wear This Alluring CNY Inspired Look With Kitty Magnetic Lash


- Special thanks to @bugsydiggity for this lovely eye makeup look.

When we mention CNY, what comes to mind…? Family visits, red packets, lots of food and ORANGES!

This CNY, create this gold shimmers, orange tone blush makeup look for the ultimate “Huat” eyes.

Recreate this look in 4 simple steps with Kitty Magnetic Lash.

Step 1

First, set your makeup base and apply your favourite eye primer. Then apply a warm brown eyeshadow starting from the outer edge of your eyes and blend inwards along your crease line.

Step 2

Switch to a fluffy brush and a darker brown eyeshadow. Then blend upwards and outwards towards your outer eye to create a wing shape. You may also want to use a thinner brush to help you shape the wing evenly across both eyes.

Step 3

Look forwards into the mirror and determine the location of your pupils. Immediately above your pupils, apply gold shimmers on your lids. You may want to use your fingers to gently apply more gold shimmers. The more gold shimmers, the more “HUAT”!

Step 4

Using the same warm brown eyeshadow in step 1, lightly line them across your lower eye. Next, apply QuincyLash Magnetic Liner onto your line and snap on Kitty Magnetic Lash.

Finish this look with an orange-tone blush and lipstick. Apply it to your cheeks and lips. Your makeup is done and ready. Bring the Huat into every house you visit!

And you are done!

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