​​​​​​​​Bronze Date Night Look With Kitty Magnetic Lash


- Special thanks to @erikak33 for this lovely eye makeup look.

This alluring Bronze Date Night look with Kitty Magnetic is so pretty, flirty, and simple!

Create this look in 4 simple steps...

Step 1

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Set base with a white eyeshadow.

Step 2

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Give your eyelids a more defined look by applying a light brown eyeshadow, followed by a darker shadow.

Then, starting from the middle of your eyelids, add a dash of silver shimmer to the inner corners of the eye.

Step 3

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Wear Kitty Magnetic eyelashes to enhance the flirty look.

Step 4

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Apply a coat of gold shimmer shade under the eye. And you are done!

And you are done!

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