About QuincyLash

At QuincyLash, we love makeup! Especially eye makeup.

We are long time users of false lashes, most of us wear them every day.

But...we hate glue!

So...magnetic lash to the rescue! They are highly reusable, gentle on our lashes, quick and easy to wear. For us, it is a dream come true! 

At QuincyLash, we specialise in Asian Magnetic Lash.

This means our lashes are cut shorter so it fits most Asian Eyes. 

It also means our lash designs are specifically curated by Asian women for Asian women. It looks natural and good on you.

So fellow makeup lover, come join us for some fun in the sunny island of Singapore! 

Armed with some expressive magnetic lashes, a decisive lash curler and capable pair of tweezers, let uncover some pretty looks together. 

Contact Information

The Commerze @ Irving

1 Irving Place #05-13G
Singapore 369546

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