About QuincyLash

At QuincyLash, we love makeup! Especially eye makeup.

This is the most important part of the face. It's the window to our soul after all!

Inner Beauty is great, but a bit of lash never hurts.

False lashes are expressive. And you can see the difference it makes to your face almost immediately.

At QuincyLash, we are long time users of false lashes. Most of us wear them every day. We just love the different look it makes to our face. 

Like icing on a cake. Every day a different icing (different lashes) giving the impression of a different cake (different look).

We can be cute today. Gorgeous tomorrow and sexy the day after. 

But falsies in the market have a big flaw.

The lash glue.  

  • It just makes everything so messy. Messy to put on and take off.
  • It makes everything difficult. Sticking the lashes with steady hands and precision on the lash line. 
  • It takes so long. Waiting for the glue to dry. Multiple retries to put the lashes on the perfect place.
  • It is so expensive and wasteful. It just creeps up on you unless you take a moment to recall how much lashes you have sacrificed to learning.

We love false lashes but hated the glue.

This is when we came across lashes that do not use glue but magnets instead. Magnetic lashes are highly reusable, gentle on our lashes, quick and easy to put on and swap. For us, it is a dream come true! 

Since then, we are hooked and we wanted to share these expressive magnetic lashes to as many people as possible. 

So fellow makeup lover, come join us for some fun in the sunny island of Singapore! 

Armed with some expressive magnetic lashes, a decisive lash curler and capable pair of tweezers, let uncover some pretty looks together. 

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