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Magnetic Lashes for asian eyes

At QuincyLash, we have a pair of magnetic lash for every day.

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Fast Shipping

Worldwide fast priority shipping direct from Singapore.

30x All Day Uses

Depending on your care, our magnetic lash can last 30x all day uses. 

Cut For Asian Eyes

Lashes cut to fit most Asian eyes. Lashes you can barely feel.

Preferred by Asians

Designs preferred by Asians. Lashes specifically curated for you.

What we do

Magnetic Lashes for Asian Eyes

We specialise in easy magnetic false lashes perfectly fitted for Asian eyes. Breeze through the daily grind with no worries of "over-doing" your makeup. We believe in enhancing your beauty without loads of time and effort.

Our lashes just got upgraded too...

No longer 5, but 10 micro magnets on each lash.

Providing even stronger hold for all day use. And, making our lashes highly trimmable to your specific eye length. 

To our existing customers, we are keeping our prices the same. Thank you so much for your support! All our lashes will now be 10 magnets.

Magnetic lash

How It Works


Apply the magic magnetic eyeliner to your lash line. 


Wait 60 seconds to dry.


Bring magnetic lash close to your lash line and watch it snap into place.


And you are DONE!


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HELP! Which lash should I get?

Can't decide which lash you should get? No worries, here are some guidance to help you find your perfect lash.

Choose which Level Of Lashes that match your current goals.

We currently only have 1 accent lash in our collection. You can view it: HERE

View lash designs below, seen any you like?

View the Lash Length Chart below. Generally, the longer the lashes, the more drama the look.

View the Lash Curl Chart below. Generally, longer curls makes the eyes look bigger.

Still can't decide? Choose from our bestsellers above.

How do I remove and clean the lashes after use?

Easy. To remove the lashes from your eyes, just pull downwards towards your mouth from one corner of your eyes to another. Do not directly yank them off your eyes. Not only will these be painful, it will also reduce the life of the lashes.

To remove the eyeliner from your eyes, just use any water base makeup remover to wipe them off your eye.

To extend the life of your magnetic lash, we also recommend soaking a cotton bud with makeup remover, and gently wipe off any excess eyeliner from the magnetic lash magnets.

What is the colour of the magic eyeliner?

It is black in colour.

Is the magic magnetic eyeliner safe?

Our eyeliners are HSA registered (in Singapore) and made of the following ingredients: Water 10%, Propane-1,2-diol 6%, Carbon black 2%, Sorbitan monooleate,ethoxylated 1%, 2-Phenoxyethanol 0.3%, Octane-1,2-diol 0.3% and Magnetic Powder

All ingredient are commonly used in other cosmetics and well within requirements of Asean Cosmetic Directive as advised by HSA.

Where are lashes made in?

Our lashes are designed in Singapore, manufactured in China and assembled in Singapore. Before shipment, all lashes are manually checked for quality assurance in Singapore.

How long are the magnetic lashes?

Our lashes range from natural to glam. See below.

Are the lashes reusable?

Yes. Depending on your level of care. Each lash can be used up to 30 times.

What is the average shipping time?

We rush your orders out quickly!

Singapore: 2 - 3 business days (Tracking)

HK, MY, AU Economy: 5 - 12 business days (Partial Tracking)

Worldwide Economy: 5 - 21 business days (No Tracking)

Worldwide Priority: 2 - 5 business days (Tracking)

Where does the product ship from?

The product ships from Singapore. You can find us at:


996 Bendemeer Road #06-08A

Singapore 339944

Can I self collect?

We currently do not offer self-collection.

How can I track my orders?

You will receive a Shipping Confirmation email once your order is shipped. Within that email is your order tracking number. You can track your orders every step of the way. Do note you can only track your orders if you choose Priority Shipping at checkout.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit card, Visa, Mastercard, Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayNow.

We currently do not accept cash payments.

What if my item is faulty?

We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

If your item is faulty, please contact us ASAP within 14 days of receiving via email at hello@quincylash.com or message us here. We will make it right.

I still have questions...

No problem. We are happy to help. Chat with us here: Click Here. Or you can contact us via email at hello@quincylash.com.

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